More and more companies and managers are conscious of a need to take into account the element of human dimension at work. They have this deep intuition that a happy person feels more involved, and is more likely to share and fully participate in collective efforts. By restoring meaning to the value of work - meaning as direction, as concept and as physical perception - the individual will be fulfilled in his professional and in his private life.

Managing psychosocial risk and stress is beginning to be taken seriously in our country, but only on an ad-hoc basis and not systematically enough. By looking only at what goes wrong, by looking at everything through the lens of pathology, be it individual, collective or organizational, we remain stuck in our problems, in our anxiety and fear of the future, and it becomes impossible to think and act otherwise. The moment is inaccessible; the notorious "heads down" attitude hides many doors that open onto other possibilities. Unfortunately – and this is confirmed daily in the news - current choices and methods weigh down not only on individuals, but also on the economy, and ultimately on society as a whole: it is an economic war we are talking about, and we don’t mean this as just a simple metaphor!

There is however another approach to progress. Very clearly, high human values and qualities form preventive contours that can lead to improving the well-being of individuals, as well as the performance and value creation of our businesses and, to bringing peace to our society. Courage, ethics, honesty, involvement in individual or collective efforts, altruism, gratitude, are the virtues that an exclusively pathological point of view has so far prevented us from understanding and reinforcing. It is the meaning of life in the workplace that can evolve, if we acknowledge the importance of thinking otherwise. Clearly, a state of war does not favor openings and prospects. On the contrary, it leads us to toughen our defenses, "he who wants peace prepares for war!"... We are firmly opposed to this vision. We are at war, yes, but "he who wants peace... prepares for peace!" And in our opinion, this peace must also be economic and must reconsider the value of work.

We hope that the project of this Chair will contribute to advancing science, knowledge and methods of life at work. It seems to us that the impact of this project will be beneficial as much to the world of business as to those who are a part of it, thus breaking away from the binary view that seems to oppose business and individuals: it is in fact quite obvious that the life expectancy of the former is founded on that of the latter.


Objectives of the Chair

The Chair in Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace will have as its main goal to be directly involved in issues of public and economic life. To achieve this, the means employed will essentially be the development of applied research work and new teaching modules. These tools will help us understand how the key dimensions of our humanity can affect personal life, community life and the creation of value in the world of work.

Its objectives are to:

  • Create a structure of excellence that makes its resources available to research and education in the areas of health and well-being at work, as well as to economic development through a vision that is sustainable for all concerned.
  • Promote, through research, measures that will take into account the needs of the company’s women and men in issues of health, well-being and meaningfulness in their lives.
  • Participate in the implementation of innovative and transformative management training, to move towards methods of management that incorporate the highest human values.
  • Participate through research and the development of training in the transformation of the current industrial and economic model.


The Chair is supported by a range of partners including French and foreign scholars, prominent intellectuals, companies that are leaders in their sector, a sector-specific employer’s organization and a psychology news journal.





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