Directions de thèses et mémoires 2014


Holm, M.   

 - Stephen Broadhurst : Mindfulness and positive psychology training within organizations, DBA GEM
- Tobore Oru: Resilience in entrepreneurship, DBA GEM

Sanséau P-Y.  

 - Connerton Tim : Influences and Effects of Leadership Characteristics on organizational Empowerment Climates and the Psychological Empowerment of
  Factory Employees, DBA GEM
- Opoku, Felix : Perceive Pay Equity and Individual Job Performance in State and Private Institutions in Ghana, DBA GEM
- Das Lipi : Role of Mentoring as a “Channel of Communication” in Career and Talent Management, DBA GEM
- Saoud Souad : investigating the antecedents of student loyalty through examining perceived service quality and satisfaction : case of private lebanese universities, DBA GEM
- Kini Vikram : cross-training and unit-level affective organizational commitment : investigating the effects of cross-training among construction engineers in multicultural organizations in Dubai, UAE, DBA GEM

Steiler, D.  

 - Hofmans Willem Jan, What are the measurable business results of improved leadership after (an) Executive Coaching engagement(s) ?  GEM Webster DBA Jury de thèse ou mémoires soutenus


Sanséau P-Y.   (membre)

 - Vincent, Bernard : Exploring shared leadership emergence in a team - findings from  three case studies based on information systems projects, DBA GEM

Steiler, D.    (président)

- Achi Soha, Will Coaching Improve Employee Performance In the Human Resource  Management Field? The Case of the Lebanese Banking Sector 1st July

Grand mémoire

Steiler, D.  

 - Chassagnol, Sevaistre, Sibaud : Conscience du bien-être au travail, préoccupations des managers et productivité