Mission and research avenues


The mission of the Chair Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace is to contribute to the development of knowledge, practices and training focused on the management of occupational stress, well-being, the personal development of managers, the development of management methods and the understanding of a new industrial model centered on the highest human values and the ambition of economic peace in order to promote sustainable and shared value creation.
The research combines studies in various fields: management science, psychology, medicine, and their respective philosophical foundations. All these areas are aimed at creating applications for the world of business, the economy and teaching in management and engineering schools.


Research themes

Applied research by a multidisciplinary team combined with researchers’ experience in field work will give a clearer understanding of the changes required in management organization and methods.

To achieve this goal, research will focus on three core areas:

RESEARCH THEME 1 – Mindfulness, well-being and management: this area explores the fundamental theory of mindfulness and its effects. The Chair’s work will focus on the understanding of how mindfulness operates, how it can be applied to the world of business, its impact on well-being, regulating managerial relationships and creating value.

RESEARCH THEME 2 – Stress, well-being and performance at work: under this heading, the Chair aims to contribute to the development of knowledge and personal, managerial and organizational practices in the preventive management of stress, and of well-being and performance within organizations. This research theme further expands the aims of Research theme1.

RESEARCH THEME 3 – Education in economic peace: this third field of study focuses on the actual facets of the economic war that is now being waged and the possibilities of making changes through education, in order to attain a model for economic peace which will combine the need for value creation with the needs of the individual, whatever his/her place in the value chain (employee, customer, supplier etc.): how to move from concern for oneself to concern for others.





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