The Chair training built into the curricula of GEM

Training at GEM focuses on two basic subjects:

① Initial training for future managers in the management of well-being and psychosocial risks; ② training of future managers in “education towards economic peace”.

In 2010, the French Ministry of Labor appointed GEM as pilot school among the higher education establishments (the prestigious Grandes Écoles) to teach future managers in well-being and psychosocial risk management. The choice was based on current training programs, but also on the global, integrative view of the work carried out by the Centre for

Personal and Managerial Development (CDPM) and by the Deputy Director for the Development of Faculty Skills (DCP). With Dominique Steiler at their head, the activities of these two entities constitute the core action of the Chair in this line of training.

Since the 2010-2011 academic year, a third-year specialization course called “Introduction to economic peace” is being taught. This is a first step in a series of future modules that may develop around this main feature.

These two trainings encompass the core themes of the Chair. Further development in content and an objective for targeting a larger public is already being planned.
Both types of training are open to Chair members, faculty and corporate partners, providing them with the opportunity - among other advantages - to publicize the results of their research work and to share experiences in the world of business.






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Caecilia von Hildebrand
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