The Chair Operation and Governance

The Chair is an institution of Grenoble Ecole de Management. It is mainly funded by the Foundation for the Development of Man and Society (FDHS), a foundation under the aegis of the Fondation de France (FDF). It relies on the important interaction between the Department “People, Organizations and Society”, the Deputy Director responsible for developing teaching skills and the Personal and Managerial Development Centre.


The Chair in Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace is held by Professor Dominique Steiler, who has a triple role: he leads its scientific and educational activities, he is in charge of its operation, and he is its internal and external official representative, assisted in his duties by the Chair’s scientific and professional committee.

The team

The Chairholder is assisted by a team of regular and associate researchers who can come from Grenoble Ecole de Management or are partners from other French and foreign institutions. They are experts in a variety of disciplines thereby guaranteeing a multidisciplinary outlook on all issues that are being addressed. Their participation depends on the type of project. The Chair’s assistant completes the team. Future recruitments may include a research engineer and post Doctorate researchers. Masters’ students and doctoral students preparing their theses may also participate in the research work as research assistants.

The Scientific and Professional Committee

General guidelines for research will be defined after consideration of the scientific level of development in the areas concerned and on the expectations of businesses and organizations, particularly those who are the Chair’s corporate partners.

The Scientific and Professional Committee’s responsibility is to ensure the quality of the Chair’s scientific program. The Committee is co-chaired by the Chairholder and by an Honorary President for a three-year term. It will meet at least once a year. The Chairholder will invite members of the Scientific Committee to participate. These members can be recruited from among financial partners, regular members of the research team or else be prominent French and foreign personalities involved in the Chair’s research projects.

Role of the Scientific and Professional Committee

Its purpose is:To serve as a "think tank" contributing to the debate on the role of the Chair in today’s society,

  • To ensure the Chair’s sphere of influence and that of its body of experts,
  • To advise the Chairholder on the Chair’s scientific and educational programming and on its themes for development,
  • To assess the progress of work and its results.





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