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 Development of a high level of expertise

When participating in research, donors support the development of a high level of expertise on issues of breach, innovation and research in the subject area. The Chair’s research work gives its partners the answers to key questions, whether of a general or specific interest, through concerted work that contributes to a subtle understanding of human issues in the economy. Based on the questions raised the researchers, as experts in reconciling different points of view, aim to propose answers relevant to current issues in the workplace.

Development and production of knowledge and methods

By participating in the Chair, donors contribute to the development and production of knowledge and methods which are based on research work. They benefit from the progress in the research work and from the tools that are developed1. The initial questions and the results of the research play a part in the evolution of dynamics and in the development policy of organizations.

Value creation

In associating research, teaching and partners, the Chair participates in the growth of a competitive relationship centered on a significant change in the meaning of work and collaboration. It leads to a differentiated market strategy, involving the partner as an innovator recognized for his ability to restore new meaning to human work and become a key player in the future.

Enhancement of the company's commitment to major societal issues

Donors through their participation become a reference concerning issues of managerial developments. As members of the Chair’s project, they participate actively in public affairs, becoming involved in matters that have societal implications. Their commitment turns them into agents of change and facilitators of public debate.

Belonging to a community of practice and learning

In today's economic world, many companies and organizations already play a significant role with regard to the values and practices that our Chair promotes and studies. However, these companies and organizations are often isolated and cannot share their practices or learn from others. The Chair aims to play a unifying role and create a community of practice that integrates learning within a social and human perspective. The Chair is a venture for mutual engagement, through meetings, time-sharing, open working groups and through the creation of a common network, helping all participants to learn and share knowledge and expertise.

Participation in training for top managers

By participating in the Chair, a donor contributes to the development of training for top managers who are able to understand human and economic issues in the work environment. The donor’s involvement gives him access to a recruitment pool of future managers whose training has made them aware of the healthy and efficient management of the men and women who make up a company’s staff.

National and international outreach: media, industry partners and the public

The Chair’s contribution to cooperation, its presence in the field of science and mass-media interventions, as well as its international publications, multiply the opportunities for the development of a corporate partner’s brand image.

Contact for partnership

For information on how to contribute to the Chair’s research work, please click here and send us your message. Thank you for your interest.

1 Partners will benefit from the results of research work of general interest, in the same way as any other organization,

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