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The Chair implements research projects that aim to foster the emergence of theoretical, empirical and practical knowledge. These projects encompass individual, interpersonal, group, organizational and economic dimensions; from self-care to concern for others, towards a model of economic peace.


It is important, when studying the world of work, to preserve a systemic view in order to avoid creating new gaps between people, structures and the economy in its broadest sense.

Beyond that, and though the Chair is interested in certain dysfunctions, it is however much more concerned with the study of conditions and processes that contribute to the fulfilment or optimal performance of people, groups and organizations. Its attention is focused as much on individual and organizational aspects of well-being and performance in companies, as in the role that these companies may have in society through an economy of sharing and contribution.


Research projects implemented by the Chair may take the following forms:

  • Qualitative research which can be cross-sectional or longitudinal, prospective or retrospective;
  • Action or collaborative research;
  • Random research with control groups in order to assess the effectiveness of programs delivered;
  • Studies using cross-sectional or longitudinal self-administered questionnaires;
  • Development of innovative methods or tools.


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To participate in a human value-creating economy

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